Emergency situations:

  • In case of fire, criminal activities please call 911
  • In case of gas leak please vacate the property immediately and call gas company.
  • If the situation involves a serious water leak, locate the main water valve in your rental property/unit and turn it to the off/closed position.
  • Call us immediately: 919-562-0898 or 919-480-1815

Non-emergency situations:

These requests should be addressed during normal business hours unless they are emergencies.

  • High Urgency– Complaints should be fixed or at least looked at the same day or same hour if necessary.
  • Moderate Urgency– Complaints should be fixed within 48 hours.
  • Low Urgency– Complaints should be fixed within one week.

Examples of High Urgency Requests: Immediately

  • Structural Issues
  • Lack of Heat in winter
  • Lack of Hot Water
  • (Most) Leaks in the Property
  • Smell of Gas
  • Safety Issues Such as Doors or Windows that Do Not Lock Properly/Missing Locks

Examples of Moderate Urgency Requests: In a Timely Manner

  • Appliances Not Working- If it is your responsibility to supply them to your tenants.
  • Clogged or Slow Shower or Sink Drain
  • Interior Light Stops Working- Not just the bulb burning out. The actual light fixture is not working.
  • Air Conditioning Not Working in Summer
  • Large Hole in the Wall

Examples of Low Urgency Requests: Time Is Not of the Essence

  • Cracked Tile
  • Grout Coming Up
  • Damaged Flooring That Does Not Create a Walking Hazard- Tear in carpet/stain in carpet/hardwood floor needing repair/saddle coming up
  • Running Toilet
  • Small Leak or Drip in Faucet
  • Cabinet Doors Off Their Hinges
  • Minor Hole in the Wall

Check the following commonly known issues below:


Smoke detector won’t work when tested Monthly check and replace battery. Notify maintenance at once if still not working
Smoke detector beeps softly on and off Check and replace battery.
No power to plugs or switches Check breaker panel or fuse box. Check and reset.
Garbage disposal won’t work Push reset button on disposal or use allen wrench and turn.
No hot water Check thermostat on hot water tank.  Is pilot light lit?  Check breaker panel or fuses valve closed.
Hot water “TOO HOT” Check thermostat on tank and turn down.
Faucet or toilet leaks Turn off water fixture under sink, toilet at valve and notify maintenance.
Toilet plugged Try plunger.  If still plugged call maintenance.
Sink plugged Remove hair from drain
Heater not working Check thermostat.  Check button or pilot lights.  Furnace covers on correctly? Is pilot light lit?  Breaker tripped?
Dishwasher won’t drain Clean food out of bottom of dishwasher.  Clean float.  Rinse dishes before washing.  Use jet dry once a month. Jet dry prevents hard water build up.
Refrigerator too warm or too cold Check thermostat, set correctly.  Front and Back grills clean.  Clean out drain hole.

To better serve you, please make all non-emergency service requests online.